The implementation of OSS makes more investors interested in running a  trading business in Indonesia. Before OSS, parties who intend to import must obtain a special permit in the form of API-U or  API-P (depending on the product to be imported).

Since the enactment of OSS investors and importers no longer need to obtain Angka Pengenal Impor (API or Import Identification Number) and Nomor Induk Kepabeanan (NIK or Custom Identification Number) as basic import permits. After the business entities complete the registration through OSS  they will acquire an NIB (Nomor Induk Berusaha or Business Registration Number) which also applies as Tanda Pendaftaran Perusahaan (Company Registration Number), Nomor Identifikasi Importir (Importer Identification Number) and Nomor Induk Kepabeanan (NIK) provided the business entities have chosen to activate all of their Customs Activity (Akftifitas Kepabeanan) when filling data in OSS before the NIB is issued. .

Difference between NIB and API/NIK

  • Another convenience is that NIB remains valid as long as the company operates so that the company no longer needs to renew the API every 5 years. However, the company still has to ensure all import conditions required by the authorities are properly met.
  • Additionally, companies are no longer required to apply for a permit renewal due to changes in company data or information. An update in the company’s OSS profile is enough.
  • In the new system (post-OSS), only directors can be registered for the signing of import documents.
  • The time it takes to issue API-P or API-U is approximately up to 5 months. NIB is considered faster because OSS has been integrated to the Indonesian customs and excise system.
  • A company was not allowed to have both API-P and API-U at the same time, but now a company in possession of NIB can do both activities allowed under API-P and API-U at the same time.

Save Time and Resource Applying through a Local Agent

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