Business Set Up

The process of doing business in Indonesia can be daunting for foreigners. One thing you’ll need to prepare yourself for, though? Hiring experts who will guide your way through it all! You won’t regret working with our dedicated team—we’ve got this covered from start to finish.

At our law firm, we offer a variety of business-related services that can help your company grow and prosper.

Our services are but not limited to:

  • Legal advice for entrepreneurs who are looking to start their own venture or expand on an existing one with more employees
  • Intellectual property protection from competitors
  • Forming partnerships between two different entities such as parent + subsidiary agreements
  • etc


In today’s workplace, most companies are turning to virtual offices for the benefits of having an actual space but without all of that expense.
A company can still have its own private office or work area with computer terminals and network access while not actually taking up any physical room inside the headquarters building.

We are here to provide you with a Virtual Office and Serviced Offices that will match the needs of your company.

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9 Steps to Start A Business in Indonesia

The rules for starting a business in Indonesia can be overwhelming and hard to understand. But it doesn't have to be. This article will outline some things you should know before you jump headlong into this new endeavor. Below are 9 steps that will get you started on...

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