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The Indonesian legal market is very complex. There are many local laws, regulations and customs that need to be taken into account when dealing with Indonesia businesses.

A strong lawyer can make the difference between success or failure in Indonesia. It’s a country where you need to know your way around if you want to succeed.

We help expats, locals, foreign companies and local businesses navigate through the complexities of doing business in Indonesia by providing legal services for all their needs, including contracts, employment law, intellectual property rights (IPR), corporate structuring, taxation and more! Our lawyers provide top-notch service at affordable prices so that both individuals and corporations can focus on what they do best while we take care of everything else!



Investors have invested their capital and they need to establish a company in Indonesia. We can assist you in making a Foreign Direct Investment Company. In fact, 80% of our clients are Foreign Direct Investment Companies.

We provide the following company registration services, with the aim that you can be up and running in no time. Some are quick to set-up while others may take longer depending on your situation
We work quickly so it’s easy for busy people who have everything else going on!

  • Company Name Registration
  • Draw up The Deed of Establishment
  • Decree of The Ministry Of Law and Human Rights
  • Tax Identification Number Registration
  • Business Identification Number Registration
  • Business License
  • Welfare Registration (Social Security Administrator for Health ‘BPJS Kesehatan’ and Social Security Administrator for Employment ‘BPJS Ketenagakerjaan’)
  • Location Permit
  • Import License



Do you want to set up a Representative Office in Indonesia? We can help! The task requires an expert lawyer who knows all about licenses and authorities.



We can assist companies and investment funds in various phases in acquiring companies or selling business divisions. Our services are tailored to meet the specific needs of each company, with an emphasis on the industry or sector to help define strategies, achieve goals and identify opportunities.



The legal document drafting services that we provide are systematically structured from making agreements, editing to proof-reading, and copy editing pre-drafted documents. Our experts also analyze agreement clauses and court documents and rewrite them to ensure they reflect the same meaning when applied in a different jurisdiction.



We will help you efficiently collect and analyze large amounts of data from a wide variety of sources. Inherent sensitivity to data, including privileged information, has the strong combination of human and machine intelligence necessary to enable analysis and its security.



A legal audit is an examination and/or assessment of legal issues concerning or related to a company. We provide services to examine your company for the following purposes: Initial Public Offering (IPO), merger, consolidation, acquisition, syndicated credit transaction, etc.



Each company needs a license to operate. This license varies according to the company’s business fields. Apart from a business license, if the company wants to import goods from abroad to the Indonesian market, they will need an import license.

We’re here for you. We can help with the import license required and make sure that your product gets into Indonesia!



Intellectual Property Rights ranges from trademarks, copyrights, patents, industrial designs, trade secrets, plant varieties to domain names. Our registered IP Consultant can assist to protect your own intellectual property rights.

Indonesia Global Law Firm can assist you with preliminary checks, registration and extension of your license. We have successfully assisted in the registration of intellectual property rights of many Indonesian and foreign companies.



Companies can be dissolved or closed. The dissolution of a company can be carried out through a General Meeting of Shareholders, Court Decision, the term of the Articles of Association ends, the revocation of the Company’s business license.

We can help you arrange the company dissolution or closure in accordance with applicable laws in Indonesia.

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