Immigration Law

Immigration is the act of entering a country with the intent to permanently live and/or work there and/or any other purposes. With our professional team, we can assist you in:



Let us advise you on the type of visa for Indonesia you require based on your travel plans. We will assist you in successfully getting the visa that suits your travel plans in Indonesia.



Moving to a new country can be a discouraging experience. We are here to provide answers to common questions that incoming foreign residents have about their stay and also their permit for staying in Indonesia related to the aim of working or staying in Indonesia.



To encourage foreign Investors and individuals with high net worth to settle and do business in Cyprus, we provide special assistance and legal support in permanent residency and citizenship of Cyprus under the terms of the Cyprus Investment Program.

Cyprus is an attractive investment destination due to highly specialized human resources, a reliable legislative and regulatory framework, a stable tax system, and the prevailing conditions of safety and stability in the country.



Immigration-based investment is offered through the Immigrant Investor Program, namely private equity and real estate investment offerings. Our experienced consultants will guide you through the investment process from start to finish.

Our services include: carrying out investment due diligence, conducting investor verification and conformity checks, managing investor records, increasing transparency and investor protection, and offering transactions.

KITAS Indonesia 2021: Complete Guide and FAQ

KITAS is a limited stay permit that allows foreigners to stay in Indonesia temporarily. Indonesia is one of the most popular tourist destinations globally, but it's also a home away from home for many people. Sadly, not all foreigners who want to stay in Indonesia for...

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