Corporate Secretarial Services and Compliances

Our professionally experienced team will assist you to manage risks of corporate non-compliance. Our Corporate Secretarial Services help you to ease administrative burdens across functional and geographical borderlines. We will help you in:

  • Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (“GMS”) (Drafting GMS, GMS Invitation, Attendance list, and Assistance)
  • Filing previous GMS / Circular
  • Filing proof of capital deposit
  • Filing Shareholders documents
  • Mandatory Report of Employment 1 time/year
  • Reminding of Board of Directors every 3 months
  • Reminding of Board of Commissioners Meeting every 3 months
  • Reminding of Report of Environmental Management Efforts and Environmental Monitoring Efforts every 6 months (if any)
  • Submitting Investment Activity Report (LKPM)
  • Submitting Annual Company Financial Report



Many foreign workers are working in Indonesia for various purposes. We will assist you to apply for a Utilization Plan for Foreign Workers, IMTA (Issuance of Expatriate Employment Permit) and KITAS (Limited Stay Permit).



The aim of our legal advice service is to provide a formal opinion regarding the substance or procedure regarding regulations on legal issues. Our lawyers will give you advice according to your requirements.



Business competition law is a regulation on the interaction of companies or business actors in the market based on economic motives. Our lawyers provide services ranging from advice on business competition law issues to litigation assistance.



We provide you an official translation service in which your documents are translated by an officially recognized, certified translator. The accuracy is guaranteed and approved by the sworn translators themselves.

Find Out If Your Company Need to Submit LKPM and HOW!

What Is LKPM? LKPM (Laporan Kegiatan Penanaman Modal or Investment Activity Report) is a report on investment, labor, production, partnership as well as other obligations realization and problems faced that must be submitted periodically (Article 1 section (20) BKPM...

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