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Business Set Up

1. Company Registration

Investors are invested their capitals and they need to establish a company in Indonesia. We can assist you in making Foreign Direct Investment Company. 80% of our clients are Foreign Direct Investment Company, furthermore we also assist company establishment for local companies. In forming you company, Indonesia Global Law Firm will help you in:

  • Company Name Registration
  • Draw up The Deed of Establishment
  • Decree of The Ministry Of Law and Human Rights
  • Tax Identification Number Registration
  • Business Identification Number Registration
  • Business License
  • Welfare Registration (Social Security Administrator for Health ‘BPJS Kesehatan’ and Social Security Administrator for Employment ‘BPJS Ketenagakerjaan’)
  • Location Permit
  • Import License

2. Representative Office

Foreign companies in running their business need a representative office to support the running of the company. Representative Office is an office of a foreign company abroad wishing to have a representative in Indonesia. We can help you to set up a Representative Office in Indonesia. We will help you in obtain a license to operate the Representative Office of a foreign company.

3. Virtual & Serviced Office

With today’s developments, work doesn’t have to be done in the office, you can work anywhere, but an office address is required for administration and correspondence. So that if work that does not have to be done in an office, for example a company that is engaged in online stores, accountants, or home industries can make Virtual Office as an option.

Not all companies can use a Virtual Office, for those of you who choose to rent a physical office space and can work directly from a fiber office, you can use other facilities such as meeting rooms, so you can choose to use a serviced office.

We can assist you in providing a Virtual Office and Serviced Office according to the needs of your company.

4. Mergers & Acquistions

We can assist companies and investment funds in various phases in acquiring companies or selling business divisions. Its services are tailored to meet the specific needs of each company, with an emphasis on the industry or sector to help define strategies, achieve goals and identify opportunities.

5. Import License & other licenses

Each company will need a license to operate, this license varies according to the Company’s business fields. Apart from a business license, if the company wants to import goods from abroad to the Indonesian market, the company will need an import license. We will help you to get the license required by the business fields of company.

6. Trademark Registration

Intelectual Property Rights consist of trademarks, copyrights, patents, industrial designs, trade secrets, plant varieties and domain names. Our Professionals registered IP Consultant can assist to protect your own intellectual property rights. IGLO will assist you to pre-eliminary check, register and extension your license. We have successfully assist register the intellectual property rights of several Indonesian companies and foreign companies.

7. Company Closure

Companies can be dissolved or closed. There are many reasons why the company can no longer operate, for example the company goes bankrupt, so the company cannot avoid closure or dissolution which needs to be done. In Indonesia, the dissolution of a company can be carried out through a General Meeting of Shareholders, Court Decision, the term of the Articles of Association ends, the revocation of the Company’s business license. We can help you to arrange for the dissolution or closure of the company in accordance with applicable laws in Indonesia.

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