Private Law

Private law affects the rights and obligations of individuals, families, businesses and small groups and exists to assist citizens in disputes that involve private matters. Its scope is more specific than public law and covers:

Family law:

      The scope of family law are the power of parents, guardianship, abilities and matrimony. Our lawyers will provide to assist you to solve your dispute with your family.


      Agreement has an important role in civil relationships. Besides to the individual relationships, agreement also applies in the business world. We assist to draw up an agreement for business and non-business agreement also litigation service.


      Contract is a written agreement and usually use in business sectors. Our lawyers will give you advice and draw up the contract and also litigation service


      Mediation is an attempt to resolve the conflict by involving a neutral third party, which has no decision-making authority to help the parties to the settlement (solution) received by both parties. We are giving you an advice in mediation.

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