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Agustin graduated as a Bachelor of Law from Atmajaya Catholic University in Jakarta and she is a managing partner and experienced lawyer in Indonesia Global Law Firm. She also holds a Master of Law degree from Trisakti University and has a human resource education from Australia International Professional Education. With a background of working in big law firms and foreign companies, Agustin highly understands the importance of maintaining professional attitude. She is a highly skilled and fair-minded attorney who understands the intricacies of Foreign Direct Investment procedures, specializes at the cutting edge of business law, manpower law, corporate law, consumer protection law and family law. Agustin holds licenses to practice law in Indonesia and also a member of PERADI. She is client friendly and able to speak in Mandarin language fluently.


Dike holds a Bachelor of Law from Sekolah Tinggi Hukum Bandung (STHB). He is an experienced Lawyer with strong focus in Criminal Law, Civil Law, Family Law, Business and Corporate Law, Contracts and Legal Due Diligence. He became part of litigation team of Dapen TELKOM, LDD team of PT Sigma, PT Graha Sarana Duta, PT Indopenta Sakti Teguh, PT Indoagung Multikreasi Ceramic Industry, PT Indoputra Sakti Teguh, PT Indoputra Teknik Indonesia, PT Ovo Finance Indonesia and others. He loves to spent his time by running and reading literature. Dike holds licenses to practice law in Indonesia and also a member of PERADI.



Mahathir holds a Bachelor Of Law From Syiah Kuala University (2013-2018). In College he was active in moot court by joining the organization and took part in national moot court competition. He also interested in International Trade Law. He loves to spend his time by playing music. Mahathir joined IGLF as a paralegal assist in Legal Research.


Noel holds a Bachelor Of Law From Pancasila University (2013-2017). In College he was active in moot court by joining the organization and took part national moot court competition. He had several achievements in moot court competition, in 2014 his team became 2nd Winner in Internal Moot Court Competition At Pancasila University and then in 2016 his team became a Finalist in National Moot Court Competition At Trisakti University. He also interested in Money Laundering Law, Banking Law, Land Law, and Corporate Law. He loves to spend his time by mountaineering. Noel joined IGLF as a paralegal assist in Legal Research.


Melita holds as Bachelor Of Law From Parahyangan Catholic University (2013-2017). In College she was active with several organization, she was a part of Lembaga Kepresidenan Mahasiswa (LKM) as a staff and part of career development center for organize a career expo in her college. She also interested in Criminal Law. She loves to spend her time by playing piano. Melita Joined IGLF as a paralegal assist in Legal research.


Ine holds as Bachelor Of Law From Maranatha Christian University (2014-2017). In college she was active with several organization, she was a part of Maranatha Law Debate Team as a Captain Managerial, Badan Perwakilan Mahasiswa (BPM) Of Faculty Of law as a Student Division, and Head Of Maranatha Law Fair 2016. She had several achievements in Debate and Scientific Paper Competition, in 2016 she became 2nd Winner in National Debate Competition at Hasanuddin University and then in 2017 she became 1st Winner and Best Presentation in National Scientific Paper Competition at Hasanuddin University. She also interested in Criminal and Business Law. She loves to spend her time by listening Music and travelling. Ine Joined IGLF as a paralegal assist in Legal Research.


IVAN KANEL S.E., M.Ak., M.M., Ak.,

Ivan Kanel holds Bachelor and Master of Accounting degrees from Tarumanagara and Trisakti Universities. He is a member of Intercontinental Group of Accountants and Lawyers (IGAL) and IR Global since 2015. He is also a member of Management Accountants Australia and ASEAN Chartered Professional Accountant in Singapore. He has over 20 years of experience specializing in the international aspects of Indonesian Tax, Accounting and Auditing. Related to his specialization, he also a member of Public Accounting Institute (IAPI), Indonesian Institute of Accountants (IAI), the Tax Consultants Association (IKPI) and Management Accountant Association (IAMI) in Indonesia. He owns Public Accounting, Accounting Services, Tax Consulting and Legal firms in Jakarta. Ivan is an active member of Region Coordinator DKI Jakarta for KJA at IAI, Board of Director member of IGAL, a specialist writer at , founder of registered tax consultant & business advisory service firm PT Prodigi Konsultan, Partner of registered public accounting firm HDT & Partners and founder of registered accounting services firm SK & Co. He also works as a lecturer at Tarumanegara University and Trisakti School of Management, both based in Jakarta.


Dezan Shira & Associates is a multi-disciplinary professional services firm, providing legal, tax and operational advisory to international corporate investors. Dezan Shira & Associates has opened its representative office in various countries in Asia, one of is in Indonesia and we are proud to have become an Alliance member of Dezan Shira & Associates in Indonesia.

IGAL is a business network of legal and accounting firms based in France. In fact, IGAL is a professional network linking any legal and accounting firms in several countries. In Indonesia, we are proudly announce that we are the member of this professional network.


Founded in United States in America, Hytorc is a company engaged in industrial bolting systems. Hytorc already produced tools for 50 years and consistently improving their existing products and developing new tools. Our project with Hytorc is assist them to established their company in Indonesia

Established in 2015, J&T Express is a delivery express company from Indonesia that applies technology development as the basic system. They serve the delivery within city, inter-city, inter-provincial and also e-commerce customer. Our project with J&T Express is to provide a legal advice about their legal documents

NARI Group Corporation is the largest whole set supplier of electric power equipment from People Republic of China. The company offers power generation equipment, including power station automation, excitation, and power plant auxiliary systems, and stability control and dispatching products. Our project with NARI Group Corporation is to provide a legal due dilligence for shares purchasing

Vivo is a smartphone brand from People Republic of China focusing on introducing perfect sound quality and ultimate photography with cutting-edge technology. Besides smartphone, Vivo also makes smartphone accessories, software and online services. Our project with Vivo Smartphone is to provide assistance in attestation for Collective Labour Agreement

Shiseido is one of the top leading cosmetics companies from Japan. They produce personal care products such as skin care, hair care, cosmetics and fragrance. Our project with Shiseido is to provide a contract review and legal advice.

Ovo is a Digital Finance application that provides simplicity for any kind of transaction at Ovo merchants and daily payments. By transacting through Ovo we have the opportunity to get points which can be exchange with attractive offers. Our project with Ovo is to provide retainer services.


What are the form of foreign investment in Indonesia?

Foreigners can do investment in Indonesia, in a way:

1. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), where foreign investors can invested their capital in new company or existing company, for establish a business in Indonesia and participated in company management; and
2. Portfolio Investment where investors invested through purchasing commercial papers in capital market, such as equity, obligation or both. However, investors ussualy did not interested in this investment because did not directly participated in company management or control.

How the foreigners to participated in Indonesian company?

One of the way is establishing a new company in the form of Limited Liability Company (PT).

What is meant by Limited Liability Company (PT)?

Limited Liability Company (PT) is a legal entity which is capital alliance, established based on agreement, implementing their business activities with authorized capital which divided into shares and fulfill the stipulated requirements in this Act also its implementation regulations.

How long is Director and Commissioner occupied?

It depends on Shareholders decision. Ussualy, it can be occupied for 5 (five) years. If the term already ends, shareholders can change them, or appoint back. Shareholders also can change the Board of Director and Board of Commissioner even though the term is not ends yet through Resolution of General Meeting of Shareholders.

What is the requirements for establishing a Limited Liability Company (PT) for foreign investors?

Requirements for establishing Limited Liability Company (PT) for foreign investors are as follows:

1. Paid up capital must be more than 2.5 Billion Rupiahs;
2. Because of Limited Liability Company is a capital alliance, Limited Liability Company (PT) must have minimum of 2 (two) shareholders. The shareholders can be individually or legal entity.

Is the company shares can be owned by 100% foreigners?

Following the issuance of Government Regulation No. 24 of 2018. It is important to stress that various sectors in Indonesia are closed, or partially closed, to foreign investment. To find out which sectors are open to foreign investment you need to access the Negative Investment List (Daftar Negatif Investasi), a list compiled by the Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM). In case a sector is partially closed to foreign investment, then the list states the maximum allowed percentage of foreign ownership. This means that you will need to have a local (Indonesian) partner in order to engage in business in that particular sector.

How is the Company management structure in the form of Limited Liability Company(PT)?

Indonesia’s Law Number 40 of 2007 on Limited Liability Companies (the Company Law) and implementing regulations establish a ‘two-board’ system of governance:

the Board of Commissioners that supervises the performance of the Board of Directors and policies made by the board, and provides advice to the board; and
the Board of Directors that manages the company’s operations and serves as the authorised organ and representative of the company in all matters, subject to compliance with the law, the company’s rules and resolutions of the general meeting of shareholders.

Board of Commissioner can consists of several Commissioners, and determine on of them as President Commissioner, besides with the Board of Directors, it can consists of several Directors, with determine one of them as President Director.

Whom can occupy the Board of Commisioner and Board of Directors position?

It depends on Shareholders decision. It could be all shareholder can be a part of Board of Commissioner and Board of Directors, or The Shareholders appoint the others out of Board of Director and Board of Commisioner.

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