Labour Law is all regulations made by the competent authority or agency, concerning all things related to labor in the time before, during and after employment. Indonesia Global Law Firm will assist you in preparing all legal documents related to employment such as:

Draw up company regulations:

Company Regulations are written rules containing the terms of employment and corporate rules. We will draw up your company regulations and guide clients to make an important substance of company regulations.

Working agreement:

Working agreement is a mandatory requirement for employer to hire employees. We can assist you to give advice about the essentials of working agreement and draw the agreement.


Industrial relations dispute covering termination of employment, rights, interest,and labour union. Our lawyers will assist you to solve the industrial relations dispute.

Working permit:

Many foreign workers are working in Indonesia for various purposes. We provide to assist you making Utilization Plan for Foreign Workers, IMTA (Issuance of Expatriate Employment Permit) and KITAS (Limited Stay Permit).

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