Criminal Law

Criminal law is a system of norms that determine which actions (things to do or not to do something where there is a necessity to do something) and in the circumstances how the sentence can be imposed, and what punishment may be imposed for such actions Indonesia Global Law Firm providing you to assist in giving a litigation services towards:


      Corruption is an action of someone who misuses trust in a problem or organization for profit. We provide you a litigation service to solved your dispute.

Money Laundering:

      An attempt to conceal or disguise the origin of money / funds or assets of the proceeds of a crime through various financial transactions in order to make money or assets seem to come from legal activities. We provide you in litigation services.

Electricity Criminal Act:

      Electricity is included as goods that can be used as the object of theft. We provides to give legal advice and legal solving in litigation to solved this criminal act.


      Smuggling is the illegal transport of goods, especially across borderlines. We provide to solve smuggling criminal act by giving a client advices and litigation services.

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