Foreign investors expand their business in Indonesia. Besides foreign investors, local investors also participate in business development in Indonesia. Indonesia Global Law Firm is here to support the development of your business in Indonesia from a legal perspective. We provides:


      investors are invested their capitals and they need to establish a company in Indonesia. We can assist you in making foreign direct investment company. 80% of our clients are FDI Company, furthermore we also assist company establishment for local companies. In forming you company, Indonesia Global Law Firm will help you in:


Company Name Registration


Draw up The Deed of Establishment


NPWP Registration


SKDP Registration


TDP Registration


NIB Registration


API U Registration


      The aim of legal advice is giving a formal opinion regarding the substance or procedure regarding the regulations about legal issues. Our lawyers will giving you an advice according client’s requirements.


      Legal Audit is an examination and / or assessment of legal issues concerning or related to a company. We provide to examine your company for initial public offering (IPO), merger, consolidation, acquisition, syndicated credit transaction and so forth.


      Business competition law is a law that regulates the interaction of companies or business actors in the market, that are based on economic motives. Our lawyers provide to give you an advice according business competition law issues. Other than that, if needed we will assist you in litigation area.


      a process in which a debtor who has financial diffculties to pay his debt is declared bankrupt by a commercial court. Our lawyers will assist you in giving a legal advice according client’s dispute and litigation service.

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